The Green Youth Network Approach

We raise awareness around environmental issues and actively engage young people so that they get to see, taste and innovate. We create small moments of magic knowing that those moments will accumulate over time – that is
how change occurs. Magic comes from the imagination, a place of wonder and awe, and GYN taps into that curiosity of youth to awaken ideas. We help youth look at green economy and green innovation through new lenses. Our diverse programs allow us to explore new areas, develop innovative approaches and build a culture that transcends boundaries. We help people connect to something greater than themselves, and we allow them to see the possibilities as they ultimately become catalysts for change.


How can a green economy contribute to sustainable development and eradication of youth unemployment and poverty? The African Union (AU) has responded to this question by identifying four key thematic areas through which ‘greening the economy’ would contribute to sustainable development in Africa: through inclusive growth and poverty eradication; employment creation; food security; and by addressing resource scarcity and environmental risks. The AU further identifies three key pathways towards greening the economy in Africa: building on natural capital assets, green opportunities for industrial growth and creating enabling policies and institutions as well as awareness campaign around the opportunities presented by the green economy.


We strive for a capacitated and empowered youth who participate meaningfully within the Green Economy


We are a force of young people changing the world, one seed at a time. We do this by developing programmes that are aimed at promoting:

• Green Innovation;
• Entrepreneurship,
• Skills development; and
• Assist youth to gain access to finance, workshops, training, relevant conferences and mentorship programmes within the Green Economy.